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Temple View Project

Temple View Project

1. Church leaders have closed the school and directed that the former CCNZ campus be repurposed. To do so requires rezoning of Church land. The Church’s future high-level plans have formed part of the Hamilton City District Plan process currently under review. Hearings for the District Plan review have commenced and will continue until the end of the year. At the present time, campus land is zoned for Community Facilities only. When the proposed District Plan is implemented, it is anticipated that land will also be made available for residential homes and senior housing.

2. Under current Community Facilities zoning criterion, the Church has lodged a resource consent application with the Hamilton City and Waipa District Councils for three specific projects, as identified below. Hearings for the Church’s consent application will be held in early December before independent commissioners on behalf of both Councils. Following the Public Notification process forming part of the resource consent application, nearly 85% of submissions received were supportive of the Church’s plans.

a) New stake centre to be constructed on Tuhikaramea Road at the rear of, and adjacent to, the Visitors Centre. This stake centre is a non-standard buildings, larger than others, and will include few and similar features that were part of the former David O McKay building. The construction of this stake centre will necessitate the removal of many of the vacated former teacher homes on the eastern side of the road. A perspective of the proposed stake centre is shown below.


b) Upgrade of Tuhikaramea Road along the former campus property heading towards the temple will provide for new roundabouts, more modern street lighting, planting of new trees, parking, new footpaths, updated boundary walls, and improvements to underground services and utilities. This project will necessitate the removal of the former boys’ dormitories and the old medical centre. A draft perspective of a portion of this project is shown below.


c) Construction of a Legacy Park to beautify and provide passive recreation, peace and reverence at the rear of both the Visitors Centre and the proposed stake centre. The new park will provide walkways and open space, water features and new planting, all to complement and preserve the sanctity of the temple grounds. Much of the ‘legacy’ is to express gratitude as well as celebrate and remember the Labour Missionaries who served and sacrificed to build the temple, school facilities, and many meetinghouses. In due course the George R. Biesinger (GRB) and Kai Halls will be upgraded. The GRB will have a new entry and external waiting area, upgraded structure and restrooms, and a new window to view the temple. A simple draft perspective of the Legacy Park and GRB plans are shown below.



3. Church leaders have instructed that the former Mendenhall Library building be preserved and repurposed for the NZ Church History and CCNZ memorabilia museum, the mission offices for the newly created NZ Hamilton Mission, a modern small theatre and a classroom facility. The repurposed design includes proper entry/access, parking, and upgrades to both the building structure and utility services. This building is ‘heritage’ listed so modifications to the exterior of the building are to be in keeping with the nature and values of its heritage. Draft design perspectives of the library are shown below.


4. Another former campus building to remain is the “First House” which is located adjacent to the Mendenhall Library. In due course, this house will be upgraded and made available for Church purposes. A photo of the first house as it is currently is shown below.


5. Under the direction of The First Presidency, the Presiding Bishopric of the Church provides ongoing direction to the local project team. On the 20 September 2013 a presentation was made to The First Presidency outlining the current status of this project. The First Presidency was pleased with the progress. The project team will continue the pursuance of the project master plan through the Hamilton City District Plan process. They are to obtain necessary Resource Consent approvals and subsequent building permits to construct the new Temple View stake centre, Legacy Park, and upgrade a portion of Tuhikaramea Road and then progress the necessary consents for the remainder of the project plan. They are to complete the repurpose design plans for the Mendenhall Library, Biesinger Hall, and Kai Hall. The remainder of the project plan is expected to be implemented over the next 2 to 5 years.

6. Under the direction of the Pacific Area Presidency and Director for Temporal Affairs, the Area Physical Facilities Department has progressed:

a) The Recreational Property project south of the temple, as follows:

  • Resource Consent has been received from Waipa District Council; Building Consent is in process of being obtained
  • Earthworks and services infrastructure work will shortly be underway
  • Developed design stage is in progress for building consent for camp facilities
  • Preparations for planting and landscaping are occurring
  • First phase construction work is likely to be completed around the middle of 2014
  • The Operating Committee has been formed and is developing use and reservation guidelines etc

b) The new NZ Hamilton Mission home which has been designed and consent has been issued from the Hamilton City Council. The mission home will be constructed opposite the former Matthew Cowley Administration building on the vacant land between Tuhikaramea Road, Cowley Drive, and Goodwin Terrace, in Temple View. Construction work is now underway.