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    The Bible and the Book of Mormon work together to invite all people to follow Jesus Christ and be saved through His grace. Learn more about how Latter-day saints use and combine these scriptures.
    Even before she received a wheelchair, Katrina was never one for just sitting at home . . .
    We were working on the veranda when we heard three consecutive warning gunshots just 20 metres from our house.
    “I learn someone’s story and then translate that into a message that highlights values of life, and those values stem from the gospel.”
    Shana was 19 when she was confirmed a member of the Church. She waited the obligatory one-year period before serving a full-time mission at Temple Square in Salt Lake City, Utah. She said: “Serving a mission changed my life dramatically . . . in an unexpected way.”
    “I had no control over my emotions and would always end up crying if I tried to share my thoughts out aloud in class – so I just kept quiet.”
    Hundreds of white pebbles (representing pureness) are gathered prior to a funeral service and placed into handwoven baskets made from the fronds of coconut trees. The pebbles are available for mourners, as part of the service, to scatter around the newly made concrete grave.
    Modern miracles, equal in force and power to those in historical times, are evident in the lives of many faithful Church members today.