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We can have the confidence to go and do the will of the Lord because He truly will prepare the way.
In its first five days the app has had over 80,000 users, translating over 1 million photos. The app is also currently the #1 Top Free app in both the New Zealand Google Play store, and the App Store.
“I decided early in my career that I would not work on the sabbath.”
For over a decade, Elyssa Djurududuku Cameron smoked cigarettes at least twice a day. That all changed when he met the missionaries earlier this year.
It didn’t take me very long to decide whether I was going to serve a mission. I was fortunate to have a father and extended family members whose direct examples stood as evidence of the great rewards that result from obeying the prophet’s voice in that regard.
“I couldn’t do this without the Lord's help.”
“Although we couldn’t have our own children, we know these children needed us more.”
“They’re both blind... and they think the world is beautiful.”